Isonomia Quarterly is a public affairs journal dedicated to two big ideas: equality under the law and global federalism. These ideas are confronted and digested under four rubrics essential to who we are as humans: order, technology, faith, and security.

A final rubric, yarn, is dedicated to short stories and memoirs, because stories — shared at the fire pit of hunting camps and at feasts on Thanksgiving Day or Eid al-Fitr – are also essential to who we are.


Yeah, send us your essays on isonomia or world federalism, or send us your short stories or memoirs.

Send those things here, and put “Isonomia submission” in the subject line.

Essays should have no more than 4,000 words and short stories/memoirs should have no more than 2,500 words. Endnotes only, and these should be kept to a minimum.